About us

Construcciones RJT, S. A. is a Panamanian company, founded by dynamic  professionals, dedicated to meeting human needs through the building  and modification of basic infrastructure, such as industrial,  commercial, and residential buildings, among others.

The company was created in January 2009, in the context of a booming  construction industry in the country, when Rafael Jaen Teodoro (P.E.),  with his entrepreneurial spirit, decided to follow his dreams of  investing in the promising future of Panama.

Once Construcciones RJT, S. A. is created, it begins to successfully  execute construction projects, both residential and commercial,  according to the operating capability of the company.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs through flawless  execution of our work, clear communication of expectations of the  service, and a consistent and efficient cost management of our projects.

Our vision is to be recognized for our high commitment to quality and  the satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Corporate Values
In our operations we are guided by the following values:
•       Safety
•       Responsibility
•       Integrity
•       Honesty
•       Punctuality