• General Contractor – Under this scheme we carry-out commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects, in and out of town. As general contractors we offer the service of “turnkey” project, in which the customer provides us with a detailed project plan and we deliver the work entirely finished and ready for occupancy. We are known for executing our work on time and within the agreed budget, but without compromising quality.
  • Project Management – As project managers, our company provides coordination services throughout the construction process, including coordination with architects, subcontractors, and suppliers, based on an estimate cost made by our company and agreed with the client. The coordination of the work is always with the objective of caring for the investment and the interests of the client.
  • Inspections – We provide technical and financial inspections, as well as supervision of works.
  • Cost and Feasibility Studies – We provide preliminary budgets to determine construction costs and time estimates, which serve as a guide to determine the feasibility of a project.